Have you heard meditation is good for you, but you can't seem to clear your mind? You don't have the time, and.. it's just boring?

What if you don't have to clear your mind?

I can teach you how to get into your meditation zone in just one minute. You can Express Yourself, clear your blocks, and feel your mind and body come alive and explode with energy!




Meditation for Pain and Trauma

In meditation you get in touch with all of yourself, By accepting and learning from every experience, you grow and learn.



Meditation for stress, and anti aging

By getting in touch with your body through your breath, you release blocks, and begin to move with joy and happiness, in full expression of who you are.



Meditation for Confidence and Charisma

Through getting in touch with you, you can recreate yourself, learn about the colors you like, the things that make you feel good.


Meditation for Parenting

Parenting is a challenging activity with great demands on our time and energy. Quick thinking and fast decisions along with empathic responses are all part of the multi tasking experience of being a parent.

Meditation can help keep you centered, and give you the energy that you need to show up as a parent in the best way possible, both for yourself and your children.


Meditation and Art

Art is always an experience of expresssion, but sometimes we get too hung up on the details of drawing, and feel we can never do it. Others encourage free expression with haphazard results

Meditation and Art is a way to express yourself, by tuning into the feeling and sensation behind the colors and shapes you choose to use, while learning real principals of design at the same time.


Meditation and Storytelling

Telling our stories is important. We learn from our stories and the stories of others. Tuning into our emotional body while telling our stories, can help us learn and work through some of the insights we have recieved.