Relieve Anxiety in One Minute

Although fully relieving anxiety requires a longer game plan and dealing with underlying issues. It is important to know how to mitigate anxiety immediately before it escalates into a full-blown panic attack.

The first thing you need to do when anxiety begins building within, is to drop your focus into your body. When your mind is focused outward the feeling of instability only increases.

Dropping your awareness down into your body takes less than a minute and helps you to hold on to the present moment. This awareness gives you some time to take a breath, and take stock of what is actually occurring.

As you focus in on your body you can take the time to notice all the details of where you are, and what it feels like to be you in this moment.

Your mind-body is so much happier and more capable of dealing with the actual reality of a situation rather than a contrived version based on memories and misperceptions. When you drop your awareness into your body, you are immediately giving your body a chance to notice itself, and its present situation.

As you develop awareness of what is actually happening, keeping an attitude of courage is a good idea. Sometimes life really sucks. And your anxiety is a completely normal response to the things happening in your life.

An attitude of courage reminds you that the anxiety is simply a physical reaction to life events. Your body is providing you with extra energy for you to deal with a perceived threat. It is your choice of how you want to use that energy.

Allowing yourself to feel the sensations coursing through your body, takes less than one minute. From this moment until the anxiety passes, simply take it one minute at a time. Keep noticing your physical experience in your body, and stay with each sensation as they come and go.

Breathe into the sensations. Use your breath as a needle to breathe into the constriction that is gripping you. Focus in on just one point as you needle your breath into any tight area. This single minded focus has a relaxing effect upon the mind.

Getting in touch with yourself, really knowing yourself, takes more than a minute. It takes a lifetime. But the time to start is always now. Just one minute at a time.

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