Four Ways You Can Transform The Pain In Your Life

Pain is always a PORTAL to transformation. The bridge between the old and the new.

Pain is the FIRE that burns away impurities

Pain is the HAMMER that chisels the form.

Pain is the BREAKING APART of something old, to make way for something new,

Pain by its very nature is a teacher. It is telling us that something isn't right. Animals understand this, and do not repeat what causes them pain. It's almost like they are smarter than humans in this regard.


You know how you are told NOT to run from a wild animal, it only makes it angrier. Running from pain only intensifies the experience and usually proves exhausting.

There is so much positivity training. Be positive, think positive. If you're mind wanders to a negative thought just bring it back to center.

That is what you are  told over and over.

In the Deep Focus Body Scan we do something else. We choose to focus on whatever your mind really wants to focus on. The thing that is pulling your attention the most, be it positive or negative.

The reason for doing this is because your mind is always trying its very best to process all the information in your life so you can learn and grow from your life's experience and  be the best you can be. This is the reason your mind likes to focus on problems. It is simply trying to understand.

The harder you try to run, the harder your mind fights for you to listen.

The mind's job is to process and help you understand all that is happening to you. If it doesn't understand something, that file remains open, running in the background of your mind. The more difficulties left unprocessed the more files you have open,  running in the background of your consciousness, and brain activity, sucking your energy.

When you understand how this pain serves you, why its there, what it is asking of you, the work is clear to you, this actually calms the mind, and relieves pain.

The sense of achievement and progress you get from understanding pain, why it's there, and what it is trying to teach you, transforms pain.  This feeling of understanding and moving forward in your growth is essential for a positive feeling while going through pain.

Pain teaches you things.

Pain makes you sensitive in ways you may never have known.

Pain humbles you and strips away past perceptions to reveal greater truths.

Pain is the transformation between the old and the new.

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