5 Ways Meditation Can Enhance Beauty

  • Meditation on the breath, deepens the breathing.. Deep breathing brings more oxygen to all the cells of the body. More oxygen means higher metabolism, and more energy to all the cells. Energy that we use is electical. Little tiny sparks of light energy are released as your metabolism utilizes the natural ingredients it has for energy. These sparks of light, give off a tiny glow, and brighten the complexion.


  • Higher metabolism also means a fitter body, so in this simple way deeper breathing through meditation is in some way the same as deep breathing through exercise exertion but without the exertion.


  • Meditation brings greater relaxation and releases tension. Relaxation rejuvenates the body and helps to smooth out wrinkles and other signs of the hardening that comes with age.


  • The Deep Focus Body Scan uses the mind and breath to feel into the entire body and breathe and move intuitively according to what the body needs. 


  • Meditation and stretching creates a more supple and flexible body which reveals itself in personal posture.


  • Beauty is found in alignment. Meditation on the Deep Focus Body Scan helps you to get your body into total alignment. These meditation practices that help you intuitively be aware of how to get your body into alignment bring greater relaxation,  brightness and more alignment into your entire body.

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