How Art Can Help Relieve Anxiety

I didn't think of myself as an anxious person. But I could tell that my body was anxious. It had its own idea of whether it was feeling safe or not.

 lived with the pain of it all the time. I was feeling fine emotionally. I didn't feel sad or think anxious thoughts. But my body had a perpetual knot in the pit of my stomach. My muscles had pulled themselves taut at a time when my safety was questioned. And my body wasn't ready to let it go.

We don't think of anxiety or depression as physical states. We think these feelings are all generated by our minds, our thoughts, but our minds are truly only reacting to the life we are living.

If our life is chaotic and unbalanced, our bodies feel unsafe, and the reaction is physical. Anxiety is very often a physical state.

True art is an expression of coherence. Things being brought into balance calms us.

When we feel drawn to various colors and styles it is because something within is resonating with the coherence of that thing. It allows our body to feel safe and relaxed.

By expressing in the physical what is felt internally we create a balance between us and our environment.

Beauty is synonymous with harmony, balance, and intelligence, and all of the world survives, thrives, and grows within this organizational intelligence.

Nothing grows, nothing thrives in ugliness and chaos.

It is the simple truth of life.

Many try to deny this.

Some think loud chaotic music and art is cool.

But neither of those ideas is the truth of life. The truth of life is what has been proven to bring forth life. Any farmer would know how much organization and respect for the needs of nature is necessary to bring forth fruits.

Planting seeds, and tending to their care is one of our greatest proofs of the utmost natural necessity for harmony in the environment of a growing thing.

Whether caring for a baby or a tiny seedling, the utmost care must be taken to give the seedling everything in perfect amounts to ensure its growth.

I often feel that beauty is the elephant in the room of the world that no one wants to talk about.

The entire world revolves around beauty, and yet we must not admit it. Lest we appear vain, and materialistic.

The more beauty and balance we create in our lives, the more harmonious with our environment we feel. This has a calming effect on the body.

When our body feels safe and at home, in its environment, we cannot help but relax. 

What happens though when we cannot create the kind of environment that is conducive to relaxation and harmony?

When do we do when we are strugglng to have art in our lives? 

Our own bodies are the most organized, harmonious beautiful homes that exist. 

Learn to tune into your own body, and you will discover a world of harmony and beauty and art.

What do you do to find, art harmony and balance in your life?

Karey B. shafferComment