Don't Let Your Struggle With Anxiety or Depression Hold You Back

I woke up that morning, with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I knew I had something to offer, I had a story to tell, but marketing my message sucked so bad. Everyone it seemed today had a message. Did anyone really need to hear mine?

It didn't seem like it to me.

But every time I saw someone else getting up and telling their story. Selling their services on what I wanted to teach, it ate me up inside. and I knew I had no choice but to push forward.

Years ago when the pain was so bad, I didn't know if I could stand another minute, I focused on my breath, and I said to myself "Let the parts of me that need to die, Die, and I will Live"

And with my focus on my breath, I held on, another minute, another hour, another day.

I believed if I could just breathe a little deeper every day I'd be ok.

And every day I chose to focus on the breath of life within me. I found comfort in my breath and I chose life over and over again.

Now it's marketing. And the process feels soul sucking to me.

I wake up in the morning with a pit in my stomach, and I wonder can I do this thing?

And whether I can or I cannot I know the one thing that has gotten me so far in my journey has been my connection to my breath. To my core, to my essence of life.

Every day I make that choice to choose Life, to connect to the breath inside of me, and to move forward, to do the one thing, I feel I need to do that will bring my energy closer to life.

And if today it is writing this blog, so other people can gain strength from my struggles then so be it.

Today I connect to my core energy to my breath in the deepest part of me, and I choose life, I choose to do the thing that will bring me closer to feeling more alive.

And today it is writing this. Sharing this.

Finding joy in connecting to my breath of life every day. Living in joy, and connection and sharing that joy. And in that connection I find joy and in that Joy I find Life.

Every day.

Every day, I connect to my breath, the essence of life, and I find joy from within, and I take the next step forward in choosing life.


Karey B. shafferComment