Why Beauty Matters

Excerpt from my Memoir Pain That Had No Name


I understood that beauty was a feeling that everyone on a very deep and primal level responded to.

When a beautiful person walks into a room, we feel something. Something stirs inside of us, because beauty is a feeling. It signifies that there is a deeper underlying energetic balance and harmony within this particular energetic system.

On a deep subconscious level people are always attracted to that which will bring them to greater levels of organization of the self, of their personality, of their health, to greater connection with life.

Balance and harmony is necessary for any kind of life, and growth to occur in the natural world.

Health is a word we use to signify that this living mechanism is still growing, and living. There is still enough balance and harmony within this system to stay alive.

Disease, signifies chaotic unease residing within the system. Disease eventually leads to no life.

Often the more natural and pristine the environment, the more breathtaking is its beauty.

Beauty is an expression of this organizational force. And everyone responds to it.

We all strive for beauty in our lives.

Beauty is a feeling of the highest nature. Think about the feeling when you feel beautiful. Often the words peaceful, sublime, pleasurable, will come to mind.

Can one do any act of violence in the moment of feeling beauty?  If one would, the moment of beauty would immediately disappear.

Acts of violence and corruption are called acts of ugliness for good reason.

Because the word ugly makes you feel bad, sad, depressed, angry, even violent.

Everyone is striving for more of the beautiful feeling, because beauty is who we are meant to be. And with beauty is how the world came into being.

Beauty is truly an emotion. Energy in motion, creating a feeling within us. It is a spiritual harmonious sensation of all energies being in balance. This harmonious balanced energy expressed through the material-which is the physical aspect of the underlying balanced organizational energetic frequency- is what we feel and experience as beautiful

Because beauty is synonymous with harmony, balance and intelligence, and all of the world survives, thrives, and grows within this organizational intelligence.

Nothing grows, nothing thrives in ugliness, and chaos.

It is the simple truth of life.

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