How To Know Yourself-It All Starts With You

Every one of us is a mixture of energies given to us, thrown into the bag of who we are by our genetics, , the circumstances in which we are raised. and some believe the time we are born according to the stars


Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Heal Yourself

Evaluating and accepting who you are, the things you enjoy doing, what you are naturally good at, what you like or dislike is your starting point. From here you can make choices about how to develop your inner happiness and beauty.

Low self esteem comes from not fulfilling ones full potential and a feeling of lack of accomplishment. Jealousy can be real for children, when they see others that have things they do not. It isn’t wrong. It just is.

It is natural, this obsession we have with understanding ourselves. All teenagers in one way or another secretly share this interest about who they are. They obsess over what others think of them, and what they think of others in their quest for understanding.  As we try to figure out how to make our way in this world. First we want to know.


Who am I?

Knowing, accepting, loving, becoming, who you are is the first step to creating a life. Without having a clear idea of your strengths your weaknesses, what you enjoy what you are good at doing, and what you love, it is impossible to lay a solid foundation for the building of your life.

If life is about evolving then we must first know where we are starting. Then we can slowly as we mature, develop a clearer understanding of what that personal evolvement would be for each of us.

Growth can be challenging enough even when one is very clear with their goals. Without proper awareness of the starting point, and some type of idea of what one would like to accomplish, the task of building a life, and evolving into the best you could possibly be, is simply not achievable.

Teenagers are obsessed with discovering themselves because it is exactly what they need to do in order to set a firm foundation upon which they can build their lives. Parents need to make every effort to assist their children in becoming who they need to be, in helping them achieve awareness of what direction they should take to become the best possible person they can be.

All the feelings we ever have are good and true and there for a reason, to tell us something. As young adults struggle with finding their way in life, feelings need to be nurtured, listened to, not changed, and cast aside.

All our feelings are telling us things about ourselves, our lives, vital messages about who we are, and how we are interacting with our environment.

This is a letter I have written to Myself in my Memoir... 

Dear 16 year old me:

I wish you would have known to truly appreciate who you are. I wish you could have seen yourself the way I see you now, when I look back at your school pictures.

I wish you would have realized that your interests, your desires, your feelings, are your most sacred treasures, meant to be treasured and held close. Your guideposts meant to show you your way.

All the things you thought were wrong with you, were parts of you that just made you special and uniquely you. I would never have condemned you the way you did yourself.

I wish you would have learned how to tune into yourself, to find that inner stillness, quiet, and connection within.

I wish you would have understood that the answers lie within yourself, and not out there from someone else.

I wish you would have understood the balance between physicality and spirituality, and how they are really one, and overdoing it in any direction will only lead you away from yourself.

I wish you would have been taught the true nature of the arts. To feel the alignment of the emotional energies that flow through you, and how they can be expressed in movement, song, visual art, and writing.

I wish you would have seen the world then not as a frighteningly big place where you could get lost, but as all yours, a playground meant for you to play in, to create your dreams as you desire.

I wish you would have known not to despair when things don’t seem to be as you wish, but I wish you had been shown, to treasure the dream, to plant a seed with a dream, to nurture it and watch it grow. Because nothing happens if not a dream first.

And most importantly I truly wish you could have learned to feel the energeticdynamics of all that is, by getting in touch with your own body first, and seen how everything flows from that initial awareness.

I wish you could have learned how to assess yourself according to your energetic awareness of who you are, and set goals for your growth according to that.

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