What Is Love? Something You Find? Or Something You Create?


Love. Our deepest human need.  A feeling we all know, yet difficult to understand what it really is. We are constantly seeking this experience and want more of it. So many different opinions about what love means.

Some say Love makes the world go around. Love is everything.

Love, Lust, sensuality and sexuality rule the world of advertising and marketing.

It’s all only about love. Love the healer. Love heals all. Love rules the world of spirituality.

The google definition for love is: affection, attraction, tenderness. adoration, attachment, loyalty.

These describe the feelings that love generate. but why do we have these feelings for various people or things? And why do these feelings come and go?

Is love something you have? Is love something you find? Do you create it inside yourself? Or Do you find it in someone else?

What is the essence of this experience we seek?

Love at its root is a feeling of oneness. Of connectedness, unification, 

Alignment with..

Oneself, Another, or life’s essence,

Alignment with self, alignment with others, alignment within your environment

We feel love inside our self, when we feel we are being and doing our lives according to who we truly are. Connected to ourselves.

We feel love between others when we have things in common, we feel connected.

We feel love with God, the universe, the mystery, when we live our lives according to the true laws of the universe.

The key word. Alignment

Love might be said to be the experience of connection. Love Alignment. Connection with all things,

At essence, we can love everyone easily. When we meet someone new who we find intriguing, we can suspend our concentration of the details of their personality and we can connect to the essence of who they are, and therefore easily love.

Often in the beginning of a relationship we make a greater effort to align well with the one we love,

As time goes by, we begin to realize more and more where we are generally not aligned. That’s when we become less sure of our love for the other.

It is easy to love another person when we know how to connect to our own essence of power and love. We can then easily see this in another person, and connect with love to everyone.

This made me question, if I can connect with love to everyone, how and why would I connect to one individual person to commit my love to only them?

I then realized something deeply powerful. It is not the loving that is difficult. It is the liking that makes us choose who we want to spend our time with.

It is in the details of their personality, where we may realize later on, whether we like the experience we are having with them, or possibly not so much.

Sometimes relationships are aligned for a certain period of time, depending on the life lessons and growth needs of that particular time period for both partners. And that growth can come to an end. 

WE ALWAYS have a choice. We can either focus on those mis-alignments and feel stuck and unhappy. We can choose to allow those to exist comfortably while focusing on the things we have in common. Or we can choose to split up and each can then be free to go in separate directions,

Relationships are not a success or a failure, but rather a decision.

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