How To Find Happiness and Purpose

An electrician or plumber will always search carefully for the disconnection of pipe or wire before attempting to fix anything. It would be absolutely foolish to attempt otherwise.

In high school biology, we spent as much time if not more learning about the type of disease or malfunction which can occur in the particular organ being studied. 

Doctors work hard at finding a diagnosis for any type of symptom before suggesting treatment, as it would obviously be futile or fatal to attempt healing without understanding the illness correctly.

Often, we do not view our lives as scientifically as we do the physical manifestations that form our reality. 

But the structure of our lives is truly as mathematical and scientific, as building any other pathway of electrical wiring or plumbing system. 

Understanding our lives, no matter how painful it has been, gives us back our choices. It gives us a feeling of stability, and yes, control over how we choose to build our lives.

It is in the progressive movement of building, of creating, and evolving that we humans find happiness. It is who we are meant to be, and how we are meant to live.

Anything that stops this process, that stops this energy flow of building, creating, evolving, creates stagnation. And stagnation creates, unhappiness, and it is even the basis of all physical illness. 

On a physical level, it is clear that when the pipes get backed up, nobody is happy.  

All of life is about keeping the ball rolling. Keeping the pipes open. These are expressions we use in daily life, but they have so much greater, deeper significance.

All the pipes in our bodies are essential to our survival. As in the Hebrew prayer of Asher Yatzar, which one says after using the bathroom. One thanks g-d for keeping the holes that need to be closed remaining closed, and the pipes that need to be open remain open because if it was not so, we could not stand before g-d for even a moment. The meaning which is absolutely true, in that all our body systems are run on pipes, airways, and arteries, and even capillaries with lifegiving oxygen and fluids constantly flowing throughout our bodies, with even a few moments of stagnation bringing illness, and death.

Highways, and systems that bring goods and services to cities are essential to life itself. If they get stopped up all in the city fails.

In olden times of war, to conquer a city, enemies would lay siege on its pipelines. By blocking food, water and supplies flowing into a city. The city starved, grew weak and was easily conquerable.

All of life involves movement. Every minute we are breathing, and life supporting blood is being pumped through our hearts and throughout our bodies giving us life. 

Watch a newborn baby and see how they are constantly moving in their innate desire to grow and learn.

Movement and growth, building, and creativity is key to happiness in life. Stagnation is the pathway to death. Feelings, e-motions of unhappiness, and depression are the first signs and symptoms that the energy-in-motion is not in motion. That the choices one is making are leading to stagnation, and lack of growth, that creativity, and evolvement is not happening. 

Pain is not synonymous with unhappiness. 

Athletes, and body builders, may cause themselves pain as they workout, but in the understanding of what they are creating, what they are building, and how they are evolving, there is joy. Enough joy to cancel out the pain of the process.

Growth, building, evolving, usually involves stretching what was, to something greater than it has been. And as anyone who does any type of physical workout knows, stretching is painful. Be it in our minds, our awareness, or our muscles. 


Karey B. shafferComment