The Five Step Process To Overcome Anxiety

Every emotion we have is normal and natural and there to teach us something. Anxiety is just the same. Our emotions are not random, every emotion we have is there for a reason. Anxiety is no different.

Anxiety can range from uncomfortable to crippling in its intensity. The feeling is not in itself bad. It is our reaction to it which is either helpful or unhelpful.

Emotions are simply a response to the world around us. Our ability to grow from experiencing our emotions lies in how well we process the emotions that arise within us.

The First step to Overcoming Anxiety

Take NOTICE of it.

If you do not know something is there you cannot take it away. Only through recognizing and awareness of something can you then properly take action to deal with it. 

Step #2

 Once you notice it, you are back in the driver's seat. You are not your anxiety, and by recognizing that difference, you have put some separation between you and the anxiety. 

Step #3: 

Now that you notice and have recognized that anxiety is only one part of you, an emotion that you are experiencing, but not who you are. You want to notice the location of this anxiety. Where are you experiencing it? Every emotion is an energy that is felt within the body It is not only in our minds. Emotions are sensations that are stimulated by the release of hormones in the body. We have simply given various names to these different bodily sensations that always produce the same responsive sensation.

Step #4: 

Activate it. Don't be afraid of your feelings. They are there to tell you something. They bring you information about how you are experiencing your world. Feel into the feeling and allow yourself to really experience the frequency, the movement of the emotion as you feel it in your body. Open dialogue between your mind and your body. Listen and see if you have any new ideas forming in the back of your mind.

Step #5

Make a Decision. Now once you understand a little better what your anxiety is about and why it's there, even if you still experience it on some level, it becomes easier to make better decisions about how to move forward. You can now make a rational decision about what do do with your feelings.

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