How To Develop More Personal Charisma

When I was younger, a teenager. I so badly wanted to understand why I felt differently about different people. Why I was often so attracted to one person and not to another. Why some teachers filled the room with their presence, and were fun and interesting to be around, while others fell flat, and you just wanted to get away.

It wasn't just beauty. Charisma came in all shapes and sizes. Some people had it and some people didn't. I was so curious about this feeling that some people generated. These people could make almost anyone like them. People wanted to be around them, and get their approval. I wondered what their magic was.

I also wondered why some people were more attractive then others. What was it that we considered beautiful. What was more beautiful about one person then another.

Only when I began to meditate did I really begin to understand people. I began to see that everything created an energy, and it was this energy that we were responding to.

Depending how people thought, how they used their minds, how they used their bodies they created an energy.

I noticed the most successful, most powerful and interesting people had a stronger energy, and their strength came from a deeper connection to the core of their bodies.

These people often were able to pull alot of energy towards themselves.

I noticed this particularly when I became close to one of my favorite teachers. I always tried to understand what was so magical when she was in the room. She wasn't the most beautiful person in the room, but she had an aura about her, a glow, that couldn't be ignored.

Spending time with her, I realized that she had an energy about her that was centered in her core. She herself was a spiritual teacher but she came from a wealthy family. I noticed that wealthy people usually have this type of core energy.


As I became more aware of how people attact energy to themselves, I could almost immediately tell just by looking at someone how much energy they are attracting and therefore how much money they have.


Most people are born with a certain energy based on their genetics, and the time of their birth. We tend to duplicate the energy that runs in our families, that is one of the reasons that wealth rund in families, besides for the obvious reason of inheritance.

It is possible to change your energy, but it does not happen by itself. That is the reason why many people go through life, never truly achieving much.

In order to change your circumstances in life, you need to change your energy on a deeper level. You need to learn how to get in touch with your core energy and learn how to generate a more powerful energy into your life.

This doesn't happen easily. Most people never really change their energy. It can take an entire lifetime.

The time it takes though is not important. Life is about the evolutionary journey. And the evoltionary journey is about developing to higher levels of energy and coherence.

It is never too early or too late to start. Energy is the stuff of life itself, and the sooner you begin to learn about it, the sooner you will truly begin your life's journey.

You can stay at the bottom and continue to go in circles, with little understanding of how to start your upward climb, or you can begin to learn about the truths of life that will guide you to ever greater levels of knowledge, understanding, growth, and joy.

Start from wherever you are because the journey of life is a ride you don't want to miss out on.

Karey B. shafferComment