IF Only Cookies Were healthy.. Life would be perfect..

So, when I said that to a friend one day.. I knew I had to work on figuring out a healthy cookie recipe that I could eat with no guilt.

I thought, what's in a cookie anyways? Flour, some fat, sugar, and a binder to hold it all together. I thought, surely I could come up with healthy versions of all those things.

It took me over a yr, to perfect the recipe, but when I had it, Life was perfect, well... almost..

I had been trying to go off of gluten for years. Unlike some people, I never felt that much better off of gluten, which made it harder for me to stay motivated. (although I did feel worse when I ate it.) I also often felt badly even when I ate gluten free grains. The gluten free grains also often caused me to have cravings for glutinous grains.

This cycle went on for yrs. Until... enter the E-cookie. The Energy Cookie that will change your life!!

After listening to many lectures, that claimed that gluten free grains can still cause problems for those with gluten intolerance, I decided to try going off of all grains. This was also good because if I did ever cheat, I would cheat on gluten free grains but not on wheat. So staying off of all grains for the mainstay of my diet would act as a safeguard to glutenous grains.

My cookie does have some sorghum flour which is technically a grain, so this is the only grain I still have in my diet, but in a very small amount.

I eat my cookies every day... hmm..Almost... every day...

For the most part I do not eat any other grains. They are delicious with nut butter, milk, coconut milk, coffee, or tea. Yummm.

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