Food is Energy Didn't you know?

I find it almost laughable (if it wouldn't be so sad) that drs. don't study nutrition properly in medical school. 

One would think that if drs understand that a tiny pill can have such a profound effect on the body, then wouldn't it make sense that the large amounts of food we consume daily, would also have an effect on our systems?

Somehow it seems they missed the point.

If everything gives off a frequency... then food does too... and when you eat it, that frequency travels through your system and has an effect.

Now I wish I could say I always eat perfectly. That I only eat foods that give off the perfect frequency that is healthy for my body. 

To be honest sometimes I don't. But at least I'm aware. And then I do some extra exercise, or I take some extra supplements to balance things out. This is how I try my best to stay healthy.

But if people deny that food has any effect on their health. If they are not even aware of what they put in their bodies makes a difference? It seems like a dangerous place to be for me.

Let me know in the comments below, what you do to keep your energy balanced.


Karey B. shafferComment