Thanks Karey, 

This was Awesome! My experience with you was unlike any other meditations or classes I"ve participated in. Usually the format is instructional and its up to us to follow or not follow. You are more like a meditation coach. Meditation Unblocker. meditaiton psychologist...

At first i was hesitatnt to talk much because i was used to the classic format of getting instructions and eventually deepening into individual meditations. Once I broke out of this paradigm it was so beneficial to have you checking in, asking questions, exploring and dialoguing with me. You're clearly incredibly intuitive! How insanely cool that you saw i was getting trapped in my throat and upper chest-you used a really great and broad array of techniques, many of which i had not come across or fully understood.

I think most people have heard "focus on the breath" and other techniques before, buy you inserted a new meaning into that for me.

I liked having a protective sphere around me, with my stresses sitting outside of it.

Love the energy, positivity, and openness you bring to this! Thank You :)


Favorite quote last week: Meditation is not about pushing to a goal, but about finding and examining the blockages/

Favorite quote this week. There's nothing physical that"s not spiritual.

I really loved and benefited from the community and sharing aspect of today. You ladies both brought me so much joy!


I think you are gifted at healing and helping people. I can always feel the healing energy whenever I do meditaiton with you. I agree with Anus' term, you are like a meditation psychologist, very analytical but at the same time very intuitive. Your observation and comments are always right on point. And I love how i feel so comfortable sharing my feelings during meditation, which makes me wanna open up and share all my philosophical thoughts about life. Lol.


What people said about the last  class!"Got me curious of being aware of my body.""Been to other meditation classes, nothing like this"

This was a fantastic class, it was so helpful and nothing like i experienced before, I am looking forward to more.



Greg Williams 7:21 PM

Very nice meeting you today. Your guidance was golden. I will definitely do this again in two weeks, and till then will consider a one-on-one.