Our breath is our deepest connection to life itself. We can live without food for weeks, and water for days, but without our breath, within only a few minutes our cells begin to die at a rapid pace. Connecting to our minds and bodies through  learning to see how our breath flows within our bodies, is our deepest way to connect to ourselves. Through developing a calm and open awareness of the energy in our bodies we can begin to understand how everything in our lives impacts us.

Through creating a safe space within your connection to your breath, you can allow yourself to experience all of who you are.

You develop clarity on your relationships to Yourself, and Others,  your health, and even Career



Group Sessions

The goal in Expressive meditation is for you to learn how to deeply connect to your physical and emotional body through your breath so you can set the stage for continuous growth; changing your entire life from the ground up.

In EM, we learn to use meditation as a way to look deeply into ourselves and into our lives. To understand the past and the present with full clarity, so we can plan for the future.

Expressive Meditation is a contemplative technique that helps you to understand who you are, how you are living in your body, and how your life is created around who you are.

As a species, we were meant to share; we were meant to learn from each other. By practicing with a group and sharing our individual experiences with each other., we can propel our own growth even further