Karey Shaffer

Love.  That Magical feeling. Sexy. Rhythmic. Alive. Pulsing. Energy.

Life Force Energy Is what we want

Sex creates life. Food keeps us alive. Beauty signifies health. Love feels magical. 

We love life, and we want more of it. 

Activities we enjoy most are those which stimulate our connection to life. 

Deep Focus Meditation teaches you how to

connect to the essence of life within you.

Through your breath, your deepest connection to life itself, you can learn how to feel your own life force energy that is right inside of you.



I'm Karey Shaffer, Founder and Developer of a unique form of Meditation called Deep Focus Meditation. I am passionate about bringing more understanding of whole body awareness into your life.

I believe that while our minds can play games, our bodies don't lie.

At only 21 yrs of age, after extricating myself from an arranged marriage, I was left with deep emotional and physical scars. Doctors finding no physical reason for the pain suggested therapists. Talk therapy proved unhelpful as it never addressed the physical pain.

Ultimately, I found my way through the use of self-hypnosis, and meditation. I learned how to open dialogue... read more