Meditation is not about clearing the mind.

Meditation is about developing an observers mind, and a very sharply focused mind. 

Through highly keen observation and Deep Focus, the mind begins to tap into resources that are otherwise not noticed.

This is the Power of meditation.

For Example:

We know that our bodies are in constant movement. Our lungs are breathing and our hearts are beating and sending all that blood traveling into every cell of our bodies. Our cells are constantly doing their little jobs of burning fuel and giving us energy.

We are not noticing this movement though because it is not in our range of vision. We are not focusing on it.

Meditation is about getting off the fast highway that is bland and grey, and taking a beautiful scenic road, where every moment is a pleasure because of the sights and sounds and smells

Why is Developing The Observers Mind important?

The most important benefit of the observer's mind is the ability to remain calm throughout life's challenges.

Life is challenging, and it is meant to be so. LIfe is about evolution and everything including ourselves is constantly changing and learning from its experiences.

When things happen that we do not understand our emotions react to the stimulus and we are left helpless against the intensity of the experience.

Meditation and the Observers mind changes all that.

The observer's mind stays calm and focused even during difficult emotional experiences. The observer's mind is able to experience without getting overwhelmed. It is then able to calmly focus and glean understanding from the situation.

An observers mind has no need to run away from the experience because it is not painfully overwhelmed Every experience we have is always here to teach us something The observing mind, is more able to learn and grow from every situation. 

The observer's mind is able to go deep. 

It is able to use imagination to think on different levels. It is able to visualize outcomes and therefore make better plans.

The observer's mind puts you in the driver's seat of your life.


Karey B. shafferComment