Is Beauty Superficial or The Essence of LIfe?

I questioned. Do we slouch because we feel badly about ourselves. Or do we feel badly about ourselves because we were not taught good posture.

I began to understand that both wwithin and without were one.

Each can affect the other.

The physical reality affects our emotions. And our emotions affect our bodies.

We can make ourselves feel more beautiful outwardly and then feel better inside. Or we can focus on feeling good inside, and then this could translate into glowing faces and better posture.

There is no one way, no right place to begin.

Only a balanced, harmonious, intelligent, and non-chaotic interaction with one’s environment can create the very real conditions that can support the growth of life. 

Beauty is respectful. Speakers, celebrities, go up on stage properly dressed for the occasion. It would be disrespectful of the audience to do otherwise.

Celebrities, fashion, jewelry, cars, homes, vacations. For every one of these things we will pay more for it, if it is more beautiful.

Who are we trying to fool, when we say outward beauty doesn’t matter? Truly only ourselves. Because beauty signifies health, which is balance and harmony, which are the necessities for growth, which we are biologically hard wired to crave.

Yet there is shame in the confession of our desire for beauty.

It is not the desire for beauty that corrupts but the lack of emotional balance in the human stampede for beauty. It is in the shame of speaking of it that we relegate this desire to the unconscious which then bursts forth in strange and ugly ways.

It is in not admitting, and facing the fact squarely that we all do want more beauty in our lives, that we then do not find balanced ways in which to get it.

There are various types and levels of beauty.

There is physical beauty, harmony, and balance within physical structures. There is the beauty of the mind in harmonious and balanced thought. The beauty of actions. Beauty in science. 

Any, thing, that inspires the flow of energy in a balanced and organized fashion, though, being, thought, word, or deed, can be called beautiful.

Some people are born with genetically more balanced, beautiful features than others. This is dependent upon the lives and personalities of their ancestry.

Being born in a beautiful physical structure does not necessarily mean one will develop an equally beautiful personality to match. In this case, one may seem beautiful at first sight, but staying around a person who is only physically beautiful but lacking in other areas of balance will ultimately not feel beautiful and people may not like being around a person like that very much.

Other people may have been born with less physical balance in their features but go on to develop equanimity and emotional intelligence making them a beautiful personality to be around and much loved by all their family and friends.

People can develop beauty in many different areas. There is beauty in intelligence, in wit, in humor, and kindness.

Everyone has sparks of beauty within them. Because the essence of life is beautiful. In order to stay alive. Our bodies are constantly working in a highly organized balanced and intelligent fashion. All of life on this planet is constantly working in highly organized and intelligent biological systems.

It is common to think that we lose our beauty as we get older. Many of us may feel we were more beautiful as children. This does not have to be so.

The reason we lose our beauty is that life often pulls us out of alignment with ourselves. These misalignments are usually never addressed and released. They hang on and stick to our bodies causing all the signs of aging we are so familiar with.

IT is interesting to look at pictures of celebrities before and after their careers took off, and the way they developed their characteristic “look” Their stage presence we are so familiar with.

You can see how they worked at developing this persona, the way they would like to be perceived as, more and more over the years, and how they often begin to look more beautiful, more radiant as they mature into their adult personalities.

It is possible for everyone to achieve beauty in their lives, no matter what physical features they were born with, because beauty is not so much in the actual physical feature but in the overall alignment that plays out in the entire personality.

Big nose, small nose, big eyes, small, almond, or oval. Full lips, thin, lips. Tall, short, dark, fair. All these things don’t matter as much as how you work with what you have been given.

Fitness of the body, and fitness of the mind, plays a huge part in how beautiful we feel because the word fit signifies tight organizational alignment. Keeping our minds organized, our emotions balanced, and our bodies fit, helps us to stay more beautiful.

Knowing yourself, the things you like to do, the colors you like to wear, all add up to keeping yourself within alignment, and balance within yourself, making you more beautiful.

Some people may say, this emphasis on beauty sets one up for perfectionism, feeling bad about yourself, and beating yourself up.

But you are going to do it anyways. No matter how many self-acceptance affirmations you reiterate to yourself, if you cannot face all of yourself, your beauty and your ugly, and create growth oriented goals, that bring you into greater organizational alignment and balance within yourself, you won’t be happy anyways.

If in your mind, you keep running from your flaws, and telling yourself its ok to just accept yourself the way you are without desire for improvement, you have no hope of redemption from your own ugliness.

And Everyone can be beautiful,

When you align yourself

With who you are,

And who you were meant to be,

You begin to create balance within your own personality 

When you find the colors

That suit you

The clothing

That bring out the best in you,

When you eat healthy

So your complexion is fresh

And you exercise

To keep fit 

You will be your most beautiful self

And rest assured that will be plenty beautiful

It is when we do not know ourselves

When we are not aligned and centered within ourselves

When we do not know how to bring out the beauty we were given that we

go wrong

When we want what others have

When we trust the fashion of the day more

Then our own sense of fashion

Then we are not balanced within ourselves

And, then we cannot.

Be beautiful 

Karey B. shafferComment