We all want to be beautiful. 

Some people try to deny their desire for beauty. They think it is superficial, to desire to be beautiful.

Let me tell you. 

Beauty is not superficial. 

Beauty is essentially a very true feeling. 

Beauty is the essence of life.

Why do we desire beauty? For the simple reason that beauty signifies some level of underlying balance, and as humans we crave balance.

We crave anything that gives us more connection to life. 

Balance is one of those things.

We need balance in our lives. We cannot exist without balance. Stability is the essence of growth. Before one thing is stable we cannot grow anything on top of that.

Humans love balance, and stability because those things support life. And when life is supported, we can grow even more.

Your desire for beauty is normal. 

Beauty is at essence a feeling. It is a feeling of things being in alignment with each other. 

When we bring our selves, body, mind and emotions into balance we begin to feel beautiful. 

Beauty is not dependant on physical features. Almost anyone can be beautiful if they know how to bring balance into themselves. 

Emotional or mental imbalance becomes physical imbalance, and too much physical imbalance becomes emotional imbalance. 

Getting in touch with your bodymind is the first step to find true inner beauty. 

Understanding who you are and how you can bring yourself into better balance is the first step to bringing more beauty into your life.

And no that is not a superficial desire.

Karey B. shafferComment