Take Control Of Your Life With Meditation

The concept of the law of attraction has become popular. We are starting to realize that we are creating our lives by the thoughts we think, and the things we do.

This kind of makes sense. If you think about it, we most obviously create our lives by the things we do. What was the big epiphany of the law of attraction?

Well the law of attraction says, not only what you do creates your life, but.. what you think about creates your life.

hmm.. well don’t you usually do things according to how you think? hmm... what’s the epiphany of the law of attraction? Am I missing something?

well, the law of attraction says, not only do you get out of life what you think about, and what you do.

But.. you can get what you dream about... 

hmm.. now that’s saying something..   I think that’s something new

Now everyone is excited, you can have your dreams come true.

So. has it been happening? Yes, for some people.  Not so much for others.

There’s a little catch. The law of attraction responds, not only to what we think, do, and dream about, but also to who we are.

Now who created you? You didn’t.

OK, so it was G-d. Yes, but how?

Through the genetic code of your parents.

And who programmed your mind since you were very little? your parents and the society they were a part of.


Well, you need to know. Because if the things in your life happen because of WHO YOU ARE, then wouldn’t you like to know?

This is where meditation can be helpful. In order to understand something, you need to examine it. You need to study it.

In order to examine and study something you need to look at it. 

But how can you look at yourself, when you are you? A thing usually cannot study itself.

But you can. Because you have a conscious awareness that is unique to humans. 

HOW? By creating a hovering observing mind. you can then direct your hovering mind on anything you want to study, including yourself.

In meditation you can begin to examine who you are. 

Now that you know who you are..

You can begin to understand your life.

Now that you understand you can begin to Create The Life You Want

Understand You. Understand the Matrix That Is Your Life.