what Are The Differences Between Eastern and Western Meditation

For most of us, when we think of meditation, we are thinking of eastern meditation.

There sits a monk, dressed in robes, back perfectly straight. hands in yoga nidre. yes, his mind is clear, he is thinking of nothing. ahhh. bliss. no thoughts. no pain, no fear, no nothing.. wouldn’t we all love a few minutes of.. nothing...?

Seems like death to me..  When I will die, I will feel nothing. As long as I’m alive, I’d rather feel something...thank you very much.

So let’s take a look at western meditation. So you say, you’ve never heard of it.

That’s ok. I began a process very much like western meditation way before I knew there was a thing such as western meditation.

I call it following the question. 

No, when I meditate I don’t clear my mind, so I can just sit there, and feel nothing. I clear my mind, so I can develop a hovering mind, and then I can open a dialogue with myself, or with the universe. or with the chipmunk next door... nah sorry just kidding. 

Mostly I just like to talk to myself.

In western meditation, or what I like to call Deep Focus Meditation. You ask a question, and then you stay quiet and in the quiet you, you begin to feel an answer,, you see a vision,, you start to know things with a deep knowing...and then you ask another question, which often leads to another. 

You can ask questions about your feelings, your life. Meditation becomes very personal, very real, and very pleasurable.