Why Should You Meditate?

I can't remember my life without meditation. I often try to imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't learned to meditate. I try to visualize how "normal" people, who don't meditate, think and feel and live their lives. 

Meditation gives me clarity. It helps to rise above the every day existence to take a look at yourself from the outside looking in.

We all have a thinking mind, and a feeling heart. I grew up with the teaching "Mind Over Matter" Listen to your mind, your heart will lead you astray. You cannot trust your feelings.

Today we are seeing a shift take place. Follow your intuition, listen to your heart, are the whispers of a new generation.

Meditation is a time and space where you form a connection, you open a dialogue with your mind and heart. Your mind, the logical thinker. Your heart the feeler of all sensations, of all emotion-energy in motion.

The heart and lungs are the two essential organs that keep our bodies alive every moment. These pulsing organs literally keep tabs on the entire physical body. We breathe quicker, and heart rate goes up with excitement, or fear. With relaxation our breathing slows, and our pulses go down. Each depends on the other to keep going. It is actually the way we breathe that determines our heart rate.

Our bodies are our experiencers of our reality. Our bodies can literally sense the emotional energy in motion - all around us, and respond accordingly. This sense is often called ESP. Extra Sensory Perception, considered a phenomenon when someone is sensitive to it.

But in truth, emotions are energy in motion. Sensory perception is a sense that we all have. This sixth sense that is often disregarded, is not extra. It is a sense, just like all other 5 senses. There are truly not 5 senses but 6. The sense we have to experience frequencies is as real as touching something hot.

Every single thing in existence, on a molecular level, exists in motion, this motion emits a frequency. Every thought you think, word you speak, and movement you make causes a vibratory frequency in its environment.

Now these vibrational frequencies of movements, which cause noise all around us, hit up against our bodies constantly throughout the day, and your body registers them as feelings. Your body literally feels these vibrations, and then sends messages to your brain. which you then translate as a feeling, you either like or don't like.

These feelings cause you to make decisions about what to do, where to go, and who to spend your time with.

The body takes in these sensations, that send messages to the brain. Then the task of the brain is to decipher these energetic frequencies, to name it, categorize it, and make plans and decisions that will lead to good positive feelings.

Unfortunately in our society, feelings are not always respected. Young children naturally follow their feelings of curiosity for learning and growth, and it works well for them as they learn how to walk and talk all on their own. 

Once formal schooling begins children are usually taught to curb their natural feelings and desires, to follow and learn very specific things that are outlined by adults. In this way, most people are trained to mitigate their natural feelings and use their minds to overrule them.

When they need to access these feelings to help them figure out which sensations and feelings will make them happy, it is often difficult to access them or understand them as they have been so programmed to ignore their feelings all their lives.

The mind is a sponge for information. It soaks up any information it finds, from your internal and external environment and then organizes the information and uses it to complete tasks, make decisions, and plan for the future.

Now the mind is only aware of what it puts its focus upon. As it goes about its daily tasks, It is largely unaware of all these energetic emotional frequencies. 

Normally the mind is busy focusing outward, using information it already has. Meditation is being in a space where your mind stops focusing on outward information and tasks, and instead focuses inward on the heart, the energy, in motion experienced through the body sensations.

Meditation is a time to bring the mind inward to focus on new information. During meditation the mind suspends it's regular rhythm of using information, to one of open attention to find new information that it will eventually be able to use.

Meditation is a reality check. It is a time to focus in on the energetic sensations your feel in your body, that makes you feel a certain way. 

By taking the time to focus on these sensations, you can better understand your life, what makes you feel good, and feels energetically right for you, and what situations make you feel uncomfortable, and wrong for you.

Meditation is the time when you really focus in on all those energies hitting up against your body throughout the day, by focusing your conscious mind on the sensations of being you.

This calming of the mind so it can observe and be open to new information is the essence of true meditation. It is not a nonthinking space at all.

IT is a time to connect mind and heart together so each can inform the other. Without this connection, your mind can get pulled in all different directions. 

Meditation can help you make sure that your heart and mind are on the same page. Our conscious minds can sometimes act like a runaway horse who is dragging its rider behind, by entangled stirrups, even though the rider has fallen off. Just think of how painful that is for the rider to be dragged along by an out of control horse.

Without a proper dialogue between our minds and hearts, our horse and rider cannot be in sync.

The conscious mind will always ultimately make the choices, because that is its job. But in order for these choices to be right on all levels, it must first gather all the necessary information, by listening in, and taking council with the perception of the senses,

How do you experience your emotions, the energy in motion all around you, on a daily basis? are you sensitive to it? Do you take the time to tune in to yourself to make sure you are going in the right direction?

I want to hear from you. Do you take the time to connect every day? once a wk? Sign up for a free class so we can talk.