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Private Coaching

Private coaching is for you if you struggle with deeper issues of either physical pain or emotional trauma. These issues are very difficult to release on one’s own as the experience of sharing and receiving empathy is a key factor in healing. Through working with me one-on-one, we create a space where you feel fully comfortable to express anything that comes up without holding back or feeling self conscious.

During a private session, you will learn to use your breath to lead you into a deep state of body centered awareness. You will begin to experience a sense of calm and often joy as you connect to the life force within you. Within this safe space, any area of your life can be safely explored, understood, learned from and if necessary, released. Every feeling you have is honored and validated. In this safe space, you can give yourself permission to feel anything you want.

A gentle hands-on energy massage is also often used to release stagnated energy that has already manifested physically, and is often difficult to release using breath alone.

Expressive Meditation is primarily a teaching: a tool you will learn and eventually be able to practice on your own, to help you feel empowered in your every day life