What Is Meditation


I began to meditate yrs ago. I didn’t really know I was meditating then. I didn’t call it meditation. I didn’t call it anything at that time. I just knew I needed to do it.

I was in a lot of pain after the divorce. Physical pain, I felt numb emotionally. I couldn’t access my emotional body. I couldn’t feel, I couldn’t cry.

I went for 2 sessions of a chinese accupressure technique called jinshin. The therapist I was seeing told me she was dabbling in hypnosis, and I should try to ask my body what it is trying to tell me.

And in that question I found the treasure of all of me, that I had sucked down deep inside me into physical pain. Meditation, the space in my life, as I slowly rocked and rolled the waves that shook my very being, and that would eventually bring me safely back to shore.

Today I call it meditation. Maybe I should call it self hypnosis. But for some reason meditation feels more like it. 

So why do I call it meditation? and what is it?

Think of a hovercraft, as it hovers in the air above, full of movement, yet not going anywhere. 

Meditation is like that. Allowing the mind to hover from above, anything. To observe.

As far as I have studied, most eastern meditations simply try to calm the mind using the breath. I have a theory about eastern meditations. I believe they are only introductions.

Maybe the masters felt that the average person couldn’t arrive at true meditation and therefore they taught only the introduction to getting into the state of meditation. Eastern meditation as I have experienced it, has never taken me anywhere.

If you have thought in the past that meditation is boring, it is only because you have not been taught to to do it properly.

The true meditative mind can hover above anything, and then look deep inside it, and find new answers, new meanings, new observations. That is meditation.

The all obvserving, hovering mind. But that is only the beginning.

The excitement starts in what one can do with this type of mind.