I am Karey Shaffer, I practice and teach a form of meditation called Expressive Meditation. I am passionate about bringing more understanding of whole body awareness into your life.

I believe, while our minds can play games, our bodies don't lie.

My background has been in the arts. I had already been teaching Fine art when I was only in high school. Experiencing the world through the sensitivities of our senses became even more important to me through my life experience. 

At only 21 yrs of age, after extricating myself from an arranged marriage, I was left with deep emotional and physical scars. Doctors finding no physical reason for the pain suggested therapists. Talk therapy proved unhelpful as it never addressed the physical pain.

Ultimately, I found my way through the use of self-hypnosis, and meditation. I learned how to open dialogue between my mind and body. I began to understand that tuning into our physical experience can help us gain more clarity and connection in our lives.

Expressive meditation is an approach that encompasses both body and mind.

Using a unique method of focusing on the flow of breath within the body, one is first and foremost connected to the breath of life. Once in this safe space, both emotional and physical sensations are explored to better understand your life, release past trauma, and make better decisions that are in greater alignment with who you are, and who you are meant to be. Every feeling and physical sensation one has is valued as true and there for a reason to teach, not to be shoved away, hated upon, or disregarded. 

A gentle hands-on energy massage technique is also used to help clients release both emotional and physical pain.

I now believe our emotions are not just created by our thoughts, as babies do not even have thoughts yet, only experiences. It is our experiences of the e-motion, which is the energy in motion in our lives, that makes us feel the way we do. By validating and listening to our feelings instead of trying to change them, we learn to create a life of positive open energy flow completely expressive of who we are. In such a life, negative thoughts are naturally more infrequent as one learns to fill their days with things that make them happy.

Through years of meditation, I became very sensitive to how every single emotion can actually be felt as a vibratory frequency within out physical bodies. It is no secret that our bodies release hormones due to our emotions, which then causes physical sensations throughout the body.  Currently, not enough scientific studies have been done for treating the body as a whole entity, and in mainstream medicine the mind and body are treated separately.

We have doctors who are not trained about the mind, and we have therapists who are not trained about the body. We have massage therapists who according to their regulations, are not allowed to talk to clients as they are not trained in psychology. We have talk therapists who must not touch, as this is not their training.

This leaves for a fragmented therapeutic experience, and therapy can take years before any results are accomplished.

Working with the body and mind as one, can clear years of stagnated energy in just a few sessions.

Please contact me with any questions or thoughts you may have regarding Expressive Meditation.