change your energy, change your life

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have it all, while others just don't?  What makes that girl attractive? That guy hot?



How your Personal Life Force ENERGY flows inside of you.

Connect to the essence of you and recreate yourself, and your life, by learning how to feel the actual life force that pulses through you, and keeps you alive, every moment.


Love.  That Magical feeling. Sexy. Rhythmic. Alive. Pulsing. Energy.

Life Force Energy Is what we want

Sex creates life. Food keeps us alive. Beauty signifies health. Love feels magical. 

We love life, and we want more of it. 

Activities we enjoy most are those which stimulate our connection to life. 

Deep Focus Meditation teaches you how to connect to the essence of life within you. Through your breath, your deepest connection to life itself, you can learn how to feel your own life force energy that is right inside of you.


Deep Focus Meditation is designed as an adaptable intuitive practice for both experienced and novice meditators alike. DFM incorporates thought, movement, and focused emotional release. 

DFM is not your average "sit still and silent" meditation. There is no pressure to look or be a certain way. It flows how you flow.

DFM allows you to connect to the core of who you are and move with it.

DFM gives you the freedom to be messy, and the safety to feel. If you need to cry, you cry. If you need to move, you move.

It's your journey, your experience, your healing.


Healing is simple. We don't need to overcomplicate it. Many practitioners will use fancy names and terminology, but the core root essence of healing is always the same. 

Healing is about getting in touch with the part of you that needs to be heard, the part of you that needs a voice, needs to be listened to, felt and seen. That's it.

And this is true for everything. from trying to lose weight, to healing disease, easing anxiety, and even building up your confidence. Healing no matter what it looks like is always about connecting to yourself.


Deep Focus Meditation teaches you how to connect to yourself in a way that works for you.

This is not a cookie cutter tool. This is not a one size fits all meditation.

This is a method that grows with you.

If you're ready, Deep Focus Meditation will change your life.

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I'm Karey Shaffer, Founder and Developer of a unique form of Meditation called Deep Focus Meditation. I am passionate about bringing more understanding of whole body awareness into your life.

I believe that while our minds can play games, our bodies don't lie.

At only 21 yrs of age, after extricating myself from an arranged marriage, I was left with deep emotional and physical scars. Doctors finding no physical reason for the pain suggested therapists. Talk therapy proved unhelpful as it never addressed the physical pain.

Ultimately, I found my way through the use of self-hypnosis, and meditation. I learned how to open dialogue... read more