Karey Shaffer

 lead a life Full of emotional clarity

physical energy and  Fulfillment


Find yourself, Know Yourself, Be Yourself, Heal Yourself,



Discover who you are,  Recreate yourself, Create joy and fulfillment in your life. 

Overcome Anxiety, Depression,

lack of fulfillment, physical pain 

Learn how to tap into your personal resource of OF POWER AND LOVE

Connect to the essence of you and learn how you can generate the creative  life force energy within yourself, to heal from emotional and physical pain.


All Emotion is energy in motion. Tap into your personal creative energy source through meditation, and find expression of that energy in the Arts.

Meditation and Movement.  Learn to feel into your body and move intuitively according to what your body needs, Simple exercise movement, or dance to your inner rythm. Movement is about you.

Meditation and Improv Emotional energy can be released, and transformed through sharing, humour, and exageration.

Mediation and Art Colors and shapes, each express an energetic frequency. Feel into the energy, and find expression of who you are. through color and form.